Women Tower Foundation plans to embark on a Two Thousand (2,000) Solidarity March to the Enugu State Government House in a show of Support to the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
The purpose of this march is to show appreciation to the governor over his good governance and also to sensitize the girls of age and women about the importance of obtaining their PVC.
The board of Directors of this organization “WTF” noted of the benefits women and the society inclusive have gotten since this present government have been on seat. The thousands of members in this foundation have promised themselves to make sure they work towards the re-election of their beloved Governor in anyway deemed fit. They also encourage their people to join hands in supporting Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to help him return so as to finish up his good work in the state.
Women have expressed their joy towards their Son over his non-biased way of governance and accessible behavior. In many of their programs organized in different localities, his name sings like a song even to the children. A Governor who’s loved by all, a man of his people, the people’s choice.
Women Tower Foundation has seemed un-relentless in their effort to always show un-diluted and massive support for the Governor of Enugu State ” Rt. Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi”.
Eby asogwa ( C.E.O Women Tower Foundation)

If we teach them right, we’ll have a better future. if we teach them wrong, there’ll be trouble in the world. The society has a lot of work to do to bring an end to child prostitution. Raise your voice on any unacceptable behavior, educate them for they are only but a child. Protect them for it’s our collective task. Direct them, for they look up to us. Let’s join hands and fight this fast trending and disturbing death trap for our kids. Say No” to child prostitution!

Women Tower Foundation has taken it upon herself to go to many abandoned rural areas in the course of sensitizing, educating and empowering our women.
Many of these women lack basic education, little or no fund to start up a business, social amenities to facilitate what ever business idea they have and most hurtful, cultural and traditional setbacks has been a major hindrance.
we give them hope, train them and also assist them in setting up a profitable business of their choice.
Women Tower Foundation; Sister’s Fortress!

The recent murder of an Owerri girl by her boyfriend who purported sponsored her education up till final year in the Polytechnic with a firm promise to be married together on graduation, but was later disappointed as the girl in question was already preparing to marry another guy has drawn comments and commentaries laden with emotions and sentiments, odium and vituperations, with everyone trying hard to underscore their perspective thereto. I must unequivocally state that CRIME IS A CRIME, irrespective of the predisposing factor. Given that the said boy sponsored the girl’s education premised on marriage to him, but was unfortunately disappointed by her, was that enough justification to take the life of the girl? My answer is NO and will always NO. The guy needs his head to be re-examined for allowing an ephemeral condition (heartbreak) though psychologically devastating to rule and ruin the rest of his life, for he shall surely rot away the greater part of his life in jail. Nevertheless, this should be a lesson to mostly young girls, who are ready to enter into any promise and agreement for the sake money. A promise made should be kept. It is morally wrong with high karmaic effects to pretend to love a guy with even a promise to marry him, only to wake up one morning and regard him with disdain and call bluff all his efforts at making you an educated person. CAVEAT: Not all guys can take it, their motto is; ‘man die go’. My firm advice, therefore, to girls who happen to come from humble families, with no enough finances to sponsor their education, is to strive and engage in some decent, though menial jobs and businesses to sponsor their education, instead of entering an unconscionable bargain with the ominous and dire consequence of self-mortgage just to be educated. Higher education should not be a do or die affair; go for it if you can, opt for another vocation if you cannot. Don’t mortgage your future, just to be educated. I still maintain, Free Gifts are Very Expensive.

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