Seeking advice is awesome. Listening to motivational talks is superb. Getting a counselor is wonderful, but listening to your inner self is the best. Any load, be it marriage, business, job, health that is causing you setback needs to be pushed aside. If that load swallows you, you will not get to your destination.

Many times, all you need is……you,not anyone. No matter how much help you seek, advice you get, if your mind is not yet prepared to act, you’ll remain same place. Put yourself together and do the needful. What we fail to understand is that the answers we seek most times lie with us. Move, you can do this. Start to take charge of your life, your decisions, your actions and mostly your future. Do not let anyone run you down.

Are you still waiting on promises, on miracles or are you going to get up now?

Written by: Eby Asogwa

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke and her filmmaker husband, Austin Faani has welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

The cute baby boy is the third child and the first son of the beautiful union.

Sharing the goodnews, the excited daddy wrote: ” I am a Blessed Man.
Thank You my Maker for steadily coloring my world.
Welcome to our Beautiful home, precious Prince of Valor.
We love you.
10th May 2019.”

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, recently broke the internet after she released series of videos where she spoke on her ex-husband, his alleged diabolical ways, alleged Yahoo crimes, his real father and more.

The film star who has a son from the relationship has raised concerns among Nigerians who feel her outburst will affect him in future.

Bovi has now defended Tonto Dikeh in the ongoing conversation about her marriage which ended, stating that love is blind and ends up making ‘many babes date liars, idiots and lazy bones’.

US based Nigerian music blogger, Ovie had tweeted;

A lot of babes know they’re dating/married to scammers, criminals etc, but won’t say shit cos they’re enjoying the money, getting “flewed” out, expensive toys/gifts, living the good life. When things go south, suddenly the guy is the ‘worst human being ever’. Good morning o!

However Bovi who defended Tonto Dikeh, tweeted in response;

Naaah. It’s because love is blind. Many babes date idiots, lazy bones, relics, liars, etc.

Exchange Below:

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Things allegedly went ugly between a young couple in the course of lovemaking.

The prosecutor, Insp. Oladele Adebayo, told an Ebute Metta Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday that the defendant committed the offence on March 21, 2019 at 5.30p.m., at No. 28, Adekoye St., Igbo-Elerin, Ishashi.

Adebayo alleged that Johnson beat his wife, Deborah, aged 31, to death during a fight.

“The defendant wanted to make love to his wife, he inserted his two fingers into her private part, which didn’t go down well with the deceased.

“A fight ensued, leading the defendant to beat up his wife,” Adebayo told the court.

Chief Magistrate O.O. Olatunji thereafter ordered that Godspower be kept at the Ikoyi Prison, Lagos, for the next 30 days pending advice from the state Director of Public Prosecutions on the case.

The prosecutor said that murder contravened the provisions of Section 223 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

NAN reports that Section 223 stipulates death sentence for the offence.

Olatunji adjourned the case until June 7 for mention.(

If we teach them right, we’ll have a better future. if we teach them wrong, there’ll be trouble in the world. The society has a lot of work to do to bring an end to child prostitution. Raise your voice on any unacceptable behavior, educate them for they are only but a child. Protect them for it’s our collective task. Direct them, for they look up to us. Let’s join hands and fight this fast trending and disturbing death trap for our kids. Say No” to child prostitution!

Women Tower Foundation has taken it upon herself to go to many abandoned rural areas in the course of sensitizing, educating and empowering our women.
Many of these women lack basic education, little or no fund to start up a business, social amenities to facilitate what ever business idea they have and most hurtful, cultural and traditional setbacks has been a major hindrance.
we give them hope, train them and also assist them in setting up a profitable business of their choice.
Women Tower Foundation; Sister’s Fortress!

The recent murder of an Owerri girl by her boyfriend who purported sponsored her education up till final year in the Polytechnic with a firm promise to be married together on graduation, but was later disappointed as the girl in question was already preparing to marry another guy has drawn comments and commentaries laden with emotions and sentiments, odium and vituperations, with everyone trying hard to underscore their perspective thereto. I must unequivocally state that CRIME IS A CRIME, irrespective of the predisposing factor. Given that the said boy sponsored the girl’s education premised on marriage to him, but was unfortunately disappointed by her, was that enough justification to take the life of the girl? My answer is NO and will always NO. The guy needs his head to be re-examined for allowing an ephemeral condition (heartbreak) though psychologically devastating to rule and ruin the rest of his life, for he shall surely rot away the greater part of his life in jail. Nevertheless, this should be a lesson to mostly young girls, who are ready to enter into any promise and agreement for the sake money. A promise made should be kept. It is morally wrong with high karmaic effects to pretend to love a guy with even a promise to marry him, only to wake up one morning and regard him with disdain and call bluff all his efforts at making you an educated person. CAVEAT: Not all guys can take it, their motto is; ‘man die go’. My firm advice, therefore, to girls who happen to come from humble families, with no enough finances to sponsor their education, is to strive and engage in some decent, though menial jobs and businesses to sponsor their education, instead of entering an unconscionable bargain with the ominous and dire consequence of self-mortgage just to be educated. Higher education should not be a do or die affair; go for it if you can, opt for another vocation if you cannot. Don’t mortgage your future, just to be educated. I still maintain, Free Gifts are Very Expensive.

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