WHAT IS PROVERB:Proverb is a simple & concrete saying,popularly known & repeated,that expresses truth based on common sense or the practical experiences of humanity.The are often Metaphorical & it’s taken from a Latin word called “PROVERBIUM”.
Proverbs are infinitely more numerous than the Myths we spoke about in our last talk. Proverbs can be found in hundreds & thousands in every African tribes.The address themselves to themes and area of life & knowledge. Proverbs are very concentrated  in the sense that they put a lot of thoughts,ideas,reflections,experiences,observations,knowledge & even world views into a few words. Shortly i shall be saying few proverbs & also try to capture what they intend to mean in a few words. It has been noted that women are extremely valuable in the sight of the society. Not only do we bear life,but we also nurse them,cherish them,give warmeth & care for life since all human life passes through our body. Now i will give us some proverbs to put more light on what am trying to say.
“Wives & Oxen have no friends”, What does this mean or indicates: It indicates that a wife is so valuable & that she can not be given over to even the best friends of her husband. For that reason,another proverbs remainds us that”A woman must not be killed”. My question now is,why that proverb?If a man & children can be killed,why not a woman? the reason why that proverb was said is because women are mothers of life & to kill women is like killing hundreds of children & humanity itself. Women should be handled with respect & not be treated as if they are slaves. The next proverb has to do with the man(Husband)which says & I quote”Did you buy me with elephant tusks? this kind of question can only be asked or said when the woman is being ill-treated by her husband.She reminds him that he really can not buy her,and that she is not a commodity for sale like elephant trunks or slaves,and even an old woman is a blessing to a man. And so another proverb says:”it is better to be married to an old lady than to remain unmarried”. This simply means that there are areas of human life which is only the woman can fulfill. The unmarried man is lacking something,as one proverb is explains:”It is at five that man succeeds”,This proverb was said by the Maasi who uses it to explain that a successful life needs “a wife,a cow,a sheep,a goat & a donkey”. This means that even if one is rich,one is not successful as long as one lacks a wife.
The value of the woman begins already when she was born and not when she gets married. So it is stated that”A baby girl means a beautiful cow”. Already at birth,the woman is destined to be married & in traditional African society,this entails a bride-exchange in form of cattle,services,foodstuffs,family ties or other expressions of the married contract. Further more,I will say that the woman will bear children 6 thus enrich her husband & the wider circle of relatives from both side. The Tsongkhapa & Shangana people of South Africa says and I quote”To beat a woman is to begat a man”. This saying carries with it the hope & expectations,that after marriage,the wife will bear both girls & boys. Therefore,the woman that is not married has practically no role in the society & in African traditional world-view. It ia expected n that all women gets married & so comes this proverb that says:”An ugly girl does not become old at home”, which means that the looks of a girl should not stop her from getting married,otherwise this would deny her the role of womanhood.
This thought is bound up with the value of bearing children; Whereas the childless woman goes through  deep sorrows in African  society. So it is said for example:”That the woman who has children does not desert her home”. This means that bearing children gives the woman the security & joy of a family, and also being taken care of in her old age,of being respected by her husband & the wider society.
So “The woman whose sons or children have died is richer than a barren woman”, This means that people will excuse a woman for loosing her child or children through death,but the one who does not bear any,is hardly excused.
Consequently,people says:”A barren wire never gives thanks”, Therefore nothing else is as valuable as children; If a woman has everything else except children,she would have no cause or joy to give thanks. This sentiment is expressed in African society,where the more children one has,the better. No wonder the Ghanaian  says:”A serviceable wife is often blessed with the birth of a tenth child”. Parental blessings often run along the lines of:”May you bear children like the bees!, May you bear children like calabash seeds!”, e,t,c. But today’s economical & educational pressure have forced a change in these sentiments,where parents reel the need to reduce the number of children they can support & educate adequately. Nevertheless,African society is carried away by the proverb which says:”The satiety of a pregnant woman is off-spring” Meaning that Motherhood is a woman’s fulfillment.
The mother or wife is probably the most important member of the family,the center of family hood. So it is said  by The Akamba people of Kenya for example that”He who has never traveled,thinks that his mother is the best cook in the world”. This proverb,while attacking a narrow horizon in life shows how central the person of a mother is. This sentiment was also aired in another proverb from the Gikuyu of Kenya:”The baby that refuses it’s mother’s breast,will never be full,”other people may feed the baby,/child,but their food would never satisfy him as that provided by the mother”. In these proverb,the place of a mother is further indicated by comparing her with other women or wives,whether she is alive or dead. The Easter Africa people,specifically The Swahilis,says categorically that”The step mother is not the real mother”. This sentiment is shared by other people & is expressed in various ways e,g.”Somebody’s mother can never be better than your own mother,no matter how good she may be to you,or”Your step mother is not your mother,or “A sheep does not lament the death of a goat’s kid.” The above proverb came from the Acholi of Uganda. The South Africans have this proverb that says”The mother’s breast can not get Leprosy”. All these & many more proverbs are indicating that mother’s role can never be 100% duplicated: She provides the best love tenderness,warmeth,care,bodily & emotional nourishment & much more. All these begins when a person is inside the mother’s womb & lasts untill the mother dies or indeed,it continues when she dies & become a spirit,a living dead.
Therefore it is necessary that the love,care & tenderness are all reciprocated by everyone towards his or her mother,since everyone of us has a mother. So we hear such proverbs as “A child does not laugh at the ugliness of his/her mother”. The Kenyans put their own as this, & I quote”The mother of the big he-goat has no horns’! This last proverb indicates that all the “big men” e,g,The Artists,Generals,Presidents,Bishops,doctors,Professors,Inventors,Singers, Scientist,Teachers e.t.c are all born of a woman,of a mother who may not herself be regarded as a big person in the society,she may not have”horns”,but she gives birth to a big person in the society.

                                                                                    WRITTEN BY CHINYERE NJIRIBEAKO OF WTF



Respect for our Parents/ Elders

Just like late chinua Achebe said in one of his books. Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold.

Nowadays children do not respect their parents or have fear for the elders anymore. Let’s not pretend it started now, no it didn’t. It has been like this for years now but it’s a delicate issue that demands immediate attention as things are hurriedly becoming messy.
It’s no longer that way it used to be these days when we do not have to play outside the compound or play too long for without being reminded we already know when to go back to our books for the day’s book assignment or indulgence to house chores.
It’s no longer these days when we cry even when not yet beaten just because we were told by mother that we’ll be reported to father over a mistake or ill attitude. We were scared of father because his say is the final and he’ll never spare the rod to spoil the child.
When we misbehave we try so much to please our parents by being industrious, putting things in other at home. Helping in house chores and pleading with them especially mother to forgive. For if she forgives, father can easily let go.
Things are no longer like y’day when we greet our parents and elders calmly with a good tone of voice.
Our children are no longer like we of yesterday that helps the old with her/his luggage while walking past till any of us first reaches his destination.
What happpens to these children of yesterday that always keep quiet and listen when elders talk rather than talk back in a rude manner and hurl insults.
A lot of atrocities happens now that children beats their own parents. They engage in a lot of blood shedding acts that at times we wonder if we gave birth to human. They kill without mercy. Kids! You’re taken out when met in the line of duty not minding how related you are to him.
Our little girls sells their body in exchange for money and the society sees nothing wrong with it. They’re no longer helpful to their parents like it used to be. They prefer already made” life in all things. Food they eat, in education, career, even life patner.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s still in voke like before that a man tests a woman properly in different ways before, ensuring she’s a wife material before proposing to her. Now it’s like they prefer the bad to the good. Do our girls consider a man’s heart now than his pocket? I don’t think so
I used to think our parents needs a lot of work to do at home but also i found out that many did their work but children nowadays are so adamant to advice and this rotten western civilization is fast eating up our norms and culture.
We should understand that we are Africans, borrowing or working hard to adapt to a white man’s way of life will only cripple our original, ancient, peaceful, and cultural heritage and life style.
Africans! We all must go back to our original root which is enriched with values, respect, rich culture and traditions. Let our children be these children we use to be that parents are so proud to speak of at any gathering.
All hands must be on deck in making this work. Parents, put your house on check, relate with your children, give them time for that’s your first job. Raise a child the society will be so proud to have.
Elders should still be elders of yesterday who speaks truth no matter how risky it is. Correct a child going astray. For in Africa we believe a child is owned by the society not just the parents.
Children be the child you wish to have tomorrow. Strive to make a difference amongst others and make the society proud.
This is the voice of African lioness.
God bless the African Children!


Written by Eby Asogwa

The recent murder of an Owerri girl by her boyfriend who purported sponsored her education up till final year in the Polytechnic with a firm promise to be married together on graduation, but was later disappointed as the girl in question was already preparing to marry another guy has drawn comments and commentaries laden with emotions and sentiments, odium and vituperations, with everyone trying hard to underscore their perspective thereto. I must unequivocally state that CRIME IS A CRIME, irrespective of the predisposing factor. Given that the said boy sponsored the girl’s education premised on marriage to him, but was unfortunately disappointed by her, was that enough justification to take the life of the girl? My answer is NO and will always NO. The guy needs his head to be re-examined for allowing an ephemeral condition (heartbreak) though psychologically devastating to rule and ruin the rest of his life, for he shall surely rot away the greater part of his life in jail. Nevertheless, this should be a lesson to mostly young girls, who are ready to enter into any promise and agreement for the sake money. A promise made should be kept. It is morally wrong with high karmaic effects to pretend to love a guy with even a promise to marry him, only to wake up one morning and regard him with disdain and call bluff all his efforts at making you an educated person. CAVEAT: Not all guys can take it, their motto is; ‘man die go’. My firm advice, therefore, to girls who happen to come from humble families, with no enough finances to sponsor their education, is to strive and engage in some decent, though menial jobs and businesses to sponsor their education, instead of entering an unconscionable bargain with the ominous and dire consequence of self-mortgage just to be educated. Higher education should not be a do or die affair; go for it if you can, opt for another vocation if you cannot. Don’t mortgage your future, just to be educated. I still maintain, Free Gifts are Very Expensive.

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