We can do a whole lot more than we can imagine. Giving our girls quality education is a whole way to start.
Remember, if we want so much positive output in our society, girls should be center of focus.
Many of our girls and women in Africa do not even know there rights. They allow culture and tradition be a barrier in setting up a goal or pursue their dreams. well, that has come to an end as we now go around the rural and urban society to inform and educate our girl.
join hands with us and make this change.
let’s save our society
Women Tower Foundation ; Sister’s Fortress

Women Tower Foundation has taken it upon herself to go to many abandoned rural areas in the course of sensitizing, educating and empowering our women.
Many of these women lack basic education, little or no fund to start up a business, social amenities to facilitate what ever business idea they have and most hurtful, cultural and traditional setbacks has been a major hindrance.
we give them hope, train them and also assist them in setting up a profitable business of their choice.
Women Tower Foundation; Sister’s Fortress!