Kadijah, a 5year old girl was raped to death by her cousin. Kadijah’s mum had sent her With her elder sister who is 8-year-old on an holiday to stay with their aunty, her mum’s elder sister. Sadly, their elder cousin who’s the son of their aunt raped them. He first raped the first daughter who’s 8year. His mum found out but kept it away from her younger sister, Kadijah’s mum and started treating her secretly.The son didn’t stop there, he went ahead and raped the last girl, Khadijah, who’s just 5year old. He destroyed her private part. His mother also his it from the children’s mother and started treating her as well, but unfortunately, Khadijah died out of rape pains.To worsen the matter, their Aunt called her younger sister that her child is dead, crying she doesn’t know what killed her and she wants to bury her. The husband of her younger sister abruptly refused and took his children for autopsy. The result came out that her 5year old daughter was repeatedly raped to death.The second daughter who’s also 8 year old was also examined and the doctor confirmed that her womb was completely destroyed. The aunt and her son have been arrested and she confessed she tried her best to treat the girls. She said she couldn’t report her son out of mother’s love..

Mogbonjubola Awofolu had shared her story on Instagram after an abusing husband broke her hand as she prevents him from beating his wife. According to the the lady, the man had carried her dressing morrow and threw at her as the man, Tobi came to her house to beat up his wife and tried to stop him. She also alleged that the man went to the police station before she could get there to report and bribed the police to pervert Justice.

Princess Folashade Eloho Bello, a single mother of one had died by suspected Suicide in Port Harcourt after crying out for help through a post on Facebook on 19th June. She poured out her heart about giving up hope but no one took her serious as she masked the pain in her heart with a smiley. Friends said that didn’t know she was going through a lot. She allegedly committed Suicide on the 21st June, two days after sharing the post  leaving behind a son. A friend on Facebook claimed she was depressed and took a harmful substance.

On Monday Evening,some Almajiris were evacuated from various Tsangaya schools in different parts of the states and were taken to treatment Centre at Tudun Fulani in Bosso Local Government Area.An eye witness said that some of them were seen very early on Tuesday moving out through different escape routes of the Centre after they have been registered by the Covid-19 state task force team. Sheikh Hassan Musa, the National Chairman of the association of Quran memorizers, blames the development on the poor implementation of the repatriation of Amajiri to their various states of origin after the parents of the children have been calling their respective mallams to get information about their children in their custody.The Niger State task force on Covid-19, Ahmad Matane, have not been reached, hence he hasn’t responded to the SMD sent to him on the on the issue. 

Two kitchen knives and two bottles of sniper were found in the scene where the horrific incident happened. It was believed that the man( Mr Femi) had killed his wife. The neighbours close to the couple’s apartment heard a loud music coming from their house which lasted for many hours. They had reported to the estate authorities who went to appeal to them to turn the volume down. They met the wife’s sister downstairs with the couple’s kids and complained to her. She went upstairs at once to inform them but got no response after knocking severally.The estate officials decided to pull down the door and met the couple’s dead.The man had bound the woman’s hands and legs and her mouth shut with cello tape. He shaved her head with clipper, stabbed her eyes, head, and stabbed her multiple knives with different knives. When he’s sure the wife is dead, he committed suicide by drinking sniper.The Homicide detectives have sealed up the place, the corpse of the man and woman have been moved to the hospital for autopsy while investigation is ongoing. However, the man have always questioned the paternity of his second child.Before the incidence, neighbours have spotted the couple’s jogging together.

On Saturday Evening, At Ode-Irele Local Government Area, a man identified as Bebu Abiodun (35), was said to have battered his wife, Aderonke Adeyemi (33) in Ondo State. Aderonke, a mother of one was said to have been rushed to a private hospital in town after the couple fought openly on the street.The two younger brothers of the woman, Ezekiel and Banjo Adewole, explained that their sister have been complaining to them for long about her husband’s maltreatment. They have been settling for then but the reason for this present fight was that she had refused to abort her three- month old baby she has for her husband. He had went on to beat her with injuries all over her body. The husband was alleged to have threatened to kill her and tried to remove the foetus himself. The case had been reported to police, legal actions have been taking up as investigation is ongoing

Master Joseph Oluomachi Opara had made waves in the internet following a video of his Catholic hymned song Which attracted commendation from the public.Governor Hope Uzodimma had announce that he has adopted him as his child and will sponsor his Education from Primary school to Catholic Priesthood. The State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba had announced the news to the Opara family in Nekede Mechanic Village in Owerre, Imo State. Governor Hope Uzodimma listened to the video of Master Opara singing and wants to take up the responsibility of training him from his present primary four (4) until he becomes an ordained priest. Berneth Opara ( Joseph’s father) had thanked the Governor, and was very grateful that God has used him to bless his family

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) arrested a primary school teacher, Mrs. Rosaline Uche Egbuha, alongside three bank staff ( Beckley Ojo, an Operations Manager, Chisomaga Daly- Okoro, a staff of the legal department of the bank, Sarah Uguma and a lawyer to GTB, Nsikak Udoh, and her lawyer, Fredinard Isa due to their connivance in lifting the restriction placed on her account and subsequent transfer of ₦550m into the GTB account of FBI Legal, a company owned by the lawyer.Mrs. Egbuha, a teacher with Ozala Primary School, Abagana, Anambra State, was earlier arrested in 2019 after an investigation into her bank transaction upon the receipt of petition. Investigation showed her alleged involvement in laundering. She told investigators during the interrogation that the money in her account belonged to her 24-year-old son, Chidozie Fabian Ejeaka, whose whereabouts is not known yet.In the 4th of June 2020, ICPC noticed that the same day the court order was obtained, the money was moved into multiple accounts.₦340 million, in two installments of ₦200 million and ₦140, million was also moved into Polaris bank account of a Bureau de Change operator. ₦100million was transferred into the GTB account of Edokaf Multi-global while ₦18million was sent to the private account of the lawyer, Isa. Meanwhile, investigation is still on-going. 

Late Ibidunni Ighodalo had shared her struggles on an interview, where she found it difficult to conceive and had also undergone eleven (11) IVF procedures before adopting two children with her husband whom she has been married to for thirteen (13) years.She opened up a foundation for that reason and provided grants for women to pay for IVF treatment and also help reduce the stigma around IVF in Nigeria. The family statement revealed that Ibidunni had died of Cadiac Arrest.May her soul rest in peace.

Mr Ifeanyi Apusiobi (34) who on Sunday, 21st June 2020, attacked two of his children by name, Chinecherem Apusiobi, female (7years old) and Obinna Apusiobi, male(5years old) with a pistol on their heads while they’re asleep. The police said that they’re yet to ascertain reasons behind his act and that the suspect used same object to Injure his father on the year award, Dominic by name who’s 72 years old.The police arrived te scene around 1am and took the victims to hospital. On arrival, the two children where confirmed dead, while the father is responding to treatment.While their corpse has been deposited in a morgue, investigation is still ongoing about the reason behind the act.

Report has it that a Calabar Slay Queen, Juliet Ita, has been beaten to death by his Sugar Daddy lover, Jim Roach whom she has been living with for seven (7) years. The foreigner is said to have told the police that Juliet committed suicide after an argument on friday but her friends think otherwise. Juliet Ita, popularly known as Mhiz Amber was found dead in the house she was living with her white Sugar Daddy, Jim Roach in Calabar, Cross River State.One of her friends who took to Social media narrated that she was four months pregnant and full of life. Mhiz was in an abusive relationship with Jim and demanded a ₦5 million naira pay off to move on with her life but Jim only agreed to pay her 2million naira. One million naira first, and the remaining to be paid ₦100,000 monthly. Mhiz was bent on leaving to start up a business and sustain herself and child. It’s over 4days since her death, her lover is moving around freely.

Mrs Victoria Marcus, a mother of two has called for the help of the Federal and Lagos State Government as she was allegedly assaulted by her German neighbour Knoop Jens who lives in same Estate with her.Victoria had reported the incident at the Trinity Police Station when she was attacked by Jen and his lover on December 16, 2018 and was stabbed in her left palm after she complained about a picnic contribution in their Estate at Apapa.Then on 5th of June 2020, Jen and his lover ran into her at a pub in the estate. They smashed her phone, assaulted and insulted her and almost strangled her but she was rescued by her husband and Estate security guards. Victoria and her husband have been married for 15years now. Her husband is an expatriate who works with a company in Nigeria and they live in an Estate designated for staffs of the company.Jens have refuted the claims made by Victoria and also refused to comment further on the matter.Because of the lockdown, nothing much has been done though the matter is still in court. Victoria seeks for justice, adding that her life is in danger. 

Three surgeries has been performed on Baby Rukayya who was brutally raped by an unknown individuals two weeks ago at Adogi area of Nassarawa State, yet she still won’t be able to excrete.Uncle to baby Rukayya in an interview confirmed that the “Plateau State Teaching Hospital in Jos helped to perform surgery on her even when they deposited nothing. He added that the parents of Rukayya has no money to feed nor pay for the surgery as the mother is in need of help and appeals to anyone who can help to seek justice for her daughter and help with the bills.She narrated that she fell asleep but woke up without finding her daughter. She raised alarm and during the search, she was found where she was abandoned, with blood covering her genital.No suspect has been arrested as of the time of this report and Rukayya is still in same hospital receiving treatment.

There has been a lot of criticism over the marriage Abdulaziz Shuabib (27 year old actor) and a much older woman, Hajiya Nana ( 60 year old politician) who was once a Senatorial Candidate in Kaduna State. The young actor had said in a short video that his marriage is not a new thing. More younger men now date and marry older women than we know. He made it clear that he depends on himself and did not marry her for wealth. The actor has been in love with her for two years now till they got married recently.

Williams Uchemba narrated on how he adopted a teenage young man named Demola whom he met at a furniture store working as an apprentice. The Imo-native born promised to sponsor his University Education as the young man is determined to study Economics at the University.Demola is 18years old and he has finished his Secondary school with good grades. Williams who is known as a philanthropist and actor shared  a picture of him and his new son.