A 5year old girl was raped by his cousin

Kadijah, a 5year old girl was raped to death by her cousin. Kadijah’s mum had sent her With her elder sister who is 8-year-old on an holiday to stay with their aunty, her mum’s elder sister. Sadly, their elder cousin who’s the son of their aunt raped them. He first raped the first daughter who’s 8year. His mum found out but kept it away from her younger sister, Kadijah’s mum and started treating her secretly.The son didn’t stop there, he went ahead and raped the last girl, Khadijah, who’s just 5year old. He destroyed her private part. His mother also his it from the children’s mother and started treating her as well, but unfortunately, Khadijah died out of rape pains.To worsen the matter, their Aunt called her younger sister that her child is dead, crying she doesn’t know what killed her and she wants to bury her. The husband of her younger sister abruptly refused and took his children for autopsy. The result came out that her 5year old daughter was repeatedly raped to death.The second daughter who’s also 8 year old was also examined and the doctor confirmed that her womb was completely destroyed. The aunt and her son have been arrested and she confessed she tried her best to treat the girls. She said she couldn’t report her son out of mother’s love..

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