Abuja On Lockdown As Tinubu Picks Presidential Form Today 

No Time To Watch Telemundo: Abuja On Lockdown As Tinubu Picks Presidential Form Today

“No time to want to dey sit down dey watch Telemundo…Me I nor want telemundo
Me I get place me I wan go….See, the boy Dey busy”

This song,(Telemundo) sung by Mr. 2Kay with Timaya, has stood the test of time. It is about minding one’s own business while pursuing one’s dreams. They discussed how they didn’t have time for animosity or idle chatter.

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Since the beginning of the electoral season with the announcement of desire to run for president and the acquisition of forms, all thoughts regarding other presidential hopefuls’ supporters have focused solely on how Tinubu would be shamed, as if they are the delegates they are supposed to be attending.

All of their campaign techniques revolve around TELEMUNDO, a plot about the cabal tormenting and frustrating Tinubu.

How their aspirant is the one who has been anointed. Instead of pushing for their “unstructured” aspirants, some supporters are busy talking about Tinubu this and Tinubu that as if it is the language that the delegates will hear.

If you don’t know the song, go listen to it and thank me later; it inspires and repels the trolls. Telemundo isn’t on because the boy is too busy.

Anyway, Asiwaju of Nigeria, with apologies to Oga Dangote, will be picking his presidential form today, Abuja is already under lockdown, and the game has begun.

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