A pastor called Prophet Paul Abam, in Ugep, Yakurr LGA of Cross River State has been caught by an eye witness who pleaded not to be mentioned after he was identified by someone who knows him burying charms in someone’s building at Itigidi on a sunny afternoon. The pastor popularly known as Miracle pastor was paraded in handcuffs after he was caught in the act. He is a pastor well known for performing miracles. Findings showed that he was a pastor at Presbyterian Church (Ugep) before he left to open his own church known as Pastor Paul Ministry. 

A Twitter user @Brownie_XX has taken to her Instagram page to share the horrible aftermath of a lady friend who underwent surgery by Anu Med Contour after spending ₦.1.65m, who according to reports, her clinic had been shut down. In the video, the lady narrates how she started having complications following her surgery, as her complications persists, Dr. Any kept giving her injections. It’s not been two months now after a social media influencer, Omohtee how she underwent a body modification surgery with same Doctor Anu Med Contour which went wrong and left her battling with her life. The plastic Surgeon has been called out so many times as quack and taking huge sum of money from ladies. 

Hushpuppi was arrested for allegedly hacking into the United States (US) unemployed database, with the help of his accomplices in Dubai, Nigeria, and other countries, and impersonating citizens qualified for unemployment funds.It was allegedly that the US was defrauded of over $100 million that is meant for Native Americans in the battle against the corona virus pandemic. . They were alleged to have used information stolen from the first responders, government personnel and school employees and then filled in so many names of Americans who were still working to various state unemployment benefits offices and collected money from the system.His arrest came three days after he posted a picture of his newly acquired 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan worth about ₦280 million, which is the latest addition to his fleet of exotic cars. Hushpuppi has been known by his 2.3 million Instagram followers of his luxurious lifestyle. Although he claims to be a real estate developer according to his bio data on Instagram. 

Women Tower Foundation reports over a young lady of 21 year old was found with matchet cuts on her body in a church mission building at Idi-Ori Area, Shasha off express way, Akinyere Local Government by unknown assailants on the 13/06/2020 at about 3:00pm.Investigation is still ongoing while we still encourage anyone with useful information to contact the police force.It’s so sad that the issue of rape and murder increases each day. It’s just few weeks past that Uwaila Omozuwa was raped and murdered inside a church at Edo State.A student of the Department Of Science and Laboratory Technology (SLT), Federal College Of Animal Health and Production, Moor plantation, Ibadan was raped and killed on IST June.Azeezat Somuyiwa, a 29 year old woman who was seven months pregnant was also hacked to death by yet to be identified person on the 5th of June.

A house guard has convinced his boss who is into buying and selling of properties, that one of the houses has a broken window which might put off buyers. He insisted on fixing it if any buyer shows interest but when the house guard called him again that the window really needs to be fixed, the boss now decided to inspect the house and fix up the damages.How was he to know that death looms? He said ” I noticed the electric fence has been tampered with but believed it’s a new house and has nothing to be stolen but while he was checking around the living room, the guard swiftly shut the door and struck him with a knife, he dodged it and they began to struggle. He collected the knife from the guard but couldn’t stand him, instead he threw it away and ran. The guard went after him and hit him with a rod when he was already near the gate. He fell and started shouting for help.The guard caught up with him and tried to strangle him, but his wife heard his scream. So she got the spare key, opened the gate and start screaming for help. People around heard it, gathered around before the man lost consciousness. The guard was handed over to the police, and he started to shed tears asking for forgiveness.

Reports from Women Tower Foundation confirmed that a lady by name Cynthia visited her boyfriend Late Samuel in a hotel on, room19 Vic Mic Lodge around JMJ bus stopthe 13th of June 2020 and passes the night but both couldn’t wake up the next day. It was said that on the 14th of June 2020 at about 9Pm, the operatives if the divisional police head quarter Needed/Ihiagwa division broke into the room and met them lifeless. From further investigation, it was suspected that the above deceased must have died as a result of drug consumption. As investigation continues, there corpse have been deposited in the morgue. 

Pastor Jeremiah Gorman Izuduh of House Of David Full Gospel Church at No 13 Jemede Avenue, GRA, Benin City, Edo State, has claimed that the late husband of the widow sowed his family and all he has as a seed to him before his death. The pastor succeeded in turning the widow and her daughter as sex slaves, impregnating two of them. Pastor Iziduh changed their names under false Oath at Benin High Court as his biological daughters.  Before the high Commissioner of Oaths in the Benin High Court, on the 7th Of Dec. 2015, Pastor Izuduh claimed under oath that the victims were his biological daughters whilst he sleeps with them. It was also confirmed that he collected all properties and documents of their late father after he claimed it was sowed as a sees to him.  A petition was written against Pastor Izuduh by the Eldest daughter to the Commissioner Of Police on the 27th Of February 2020, where it was stated that the pastor hypnotized their mother and five children and moved them to us house from the family house using fake visions and prophesies to instil fear in them.One of the sisters were forced to divorce her husband and come to the Pastor and she had two children for him, while he impregnated the other who is still heavily pregnant for him. The other three were not allowed to go to school but forced to be church workers, and have been hidden in an undisclosed location.One of the who escaped and made this petition pleaded with the police to rescue the other victims. It baffles everyone of the pastor’s claim that the children and their mother including their late father’s properties were all used to sow a seed while the deceased was never a member of the church.

People were amazed on what could have made a Canadian tourist get married to a single father of three after he was abandoned by his wife because he was so poor. The tourist said that her attraction to him was the way he caters for his children all by himself. She has been a lonely woman without husband nor children and who is in search for love and the only way to appreciate such Honorable man is to get married to him and adopt all his children.

A 50 year old man by name Peter Ayemoba who lives at New Golden Prime street, Rafi – Sanyi in the Suleja, Niger State, has been taken into custody after his relation laid a complaint that he was sleeping with his two daughters of age 20 and 22. He confessed to have been sleeping with them for about seven (7) years now. He blamed his action on the death of his wife wife which and said that in the course of seeking for affection, he started sleeping with his daughters because it reminds him of their late mother. He said he loves his daughters so much and wouldn’t want to hurt then as his actions has no ritual purpose, he believes he is too wise to let harm befall her children who are six in number, two daughters and four sons. 

Seeking advice is awesome. Listening to motivational talks is superb. Getting a counselor is wonderful, but listening to your inner self is the best. Any load, be it marriage, business, job, health that is causing you setback needs to be pushed aside. If that load swallows you, you will not get to your destination.

Many times, all you need is……you,not anyone. No matter how much help you seek, advice you get, if your mind is not yet prepared to act, you’ll remain same place. Put yourself together and do the needful. What we fail to understand is that the answers we seek most times lie with us. Move, you can do this. Start to take charge of your life, your decisions, your actions and mostly your future. Do not let anyone run you down.

Are you still waiting on promises, on miracles or are you going to get up now?

Written by: Eby Asogwa

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke and her filmmaker husband, Austin Faani has welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

The cute baby boy is the third child and the first son of the beautiful union.

Sharing the goodnews, the excited daddy wrote: ” I am a Blessed Man.
Thank You my Maker for steadily coloring my world.
Welcome to our Beautiful home, precious Prince of Valor.
We love you.
10th May 2019.”

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, recently broke the internet after she released series of videos where she spoke on her ex-husband, his alleged diabolical ways, alleged Yahoo crimes, his real father and more.

The film star who has a son from the relationship has raised concerns among Nigerians who feel her outburst will affect him in future.

Bovi has now defended Tonto Dikeh in the ongoing conversation about her marriage which ended, stating that love is blind and ends up making ‘many babes date liars, idiots and lazy bones’.

US based Nigerian music blogger, Ovie had tweeted;

A lot of babes know they’re dating/married to scammers, criminals etc, but won’t say shit cos they’re enjoying the money, getting “flewed” out, expensive toys/gifts, living the good life. When things go south, suddenly the guy is the ‘worst human being ever’. Good morning o!

However Bovi who defended Tonto Dikeh, tweeted in response;

Naaah. It’s because love is blind. Many babes date idiots, lazy bones, relics, liars, etc.

Exchange Below:

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Things allegedly went ugly between a young couple in the course of lovemaking.

The prosecutor, Insp. Oladele Adebayo, told an Ebute Metta Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday that the defendant committed the offence on March 21, 2019 at 5.30p.m., at No. 28, Adekoye St., Igbo-Elerin, Ishashi.

Adebayo alleged that Johnson beat his wife, Deborah, aged 31, to death during a fight.

“The defendant wanted to make love to his wife, he inserted his two fingers into her private part, which didn’t go down well with the deceased.

“A fight ensued, leading the defendant to beat up his wife,” Adebayo told the court.

Chief Magistrate O.O. Olatunji thereafter ordered that Godspower be kept at the Ikoyi Prison, Lagos, for the next 30 days pending advice from the state Director of Public Prosecutions on the case.

The prosecutor said that murder contravened the provisions of Section 223 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

NAN reports that Section 223 stipulates death sentence for the offence.

Olatunji adjourned the case until June 7 for mention.(