We can do a whole lot more than we can imagine. Giving our girls quality education is a whole way to start.
Remember, if we want so much positive output in our society, girls should be center of focus.
Many of our girls and women in Africa do not even know there rights. They allow culture and tradition be a barrier in setting up a goal or pursue their dreams. well, that has come to an end as we now go around the rural and urban society to inform and educate our girl.
join hands with us and make this change.
let’s save our society
Women Tower Foundation ; Sister’s Fortress

The Effects Adopting Western Life Style Has On Black Women. It is indeed very saddening, disgusting & annoying to see black women imitating every dame thing the western world does. It’s in the bid to emulate everything they do that has made an average black African woman lout there to not only abandon our Culture & Traditions on how African black woman should live & comport themselves,but also has equally threw caution,dignity,pride & virtue into the dust bin all because of Western adulterated ways & norms of life/living. Today we see black women bleaching & toning their skin,pumping of lips,boobs/bottom & wearing of fake hair of which almost all black women of today are guilty of. It is said that when evil has been allowed for a long time,it becomes tradition,norms & part of life of a society which can never be erased or wiped out ever again. It is also an eye sour to see nor hear an African black woman going for surgery in order to enlarge either her boobs,bottom or lips; We have been endowed with natural beauty,grace & virtue & therefore do not need to emulate anything from the Western people at all,rather they should be d ones emulating us. It is a high time we stop enriching them by buying their Toning cosmetics products to change our original God given color/complexion which the Western world pay heavily to get by burning their skin during Summer. Most times I have heard & seen black women say they are going for Summer holidays in Western World,please we should stop fooling ourselves before these people,why go for Summer holiday in the Western world when we have more than enough Sun in African. If u want to go for a holiday in d Western world,please go for Winter holiday & not Summer, ok?. Conclusively,I will say there are more disadvantages in emulating whatever the Western people do,because they do their things according to their weather,texture of their skin & environment. Therefore I implore us to stop the boobs,lips & bottom enlargement,we should also stop bleaching our skins because it prolong use on our body can contribute to premature aging of our skin,(2)Increase risk of skin cancer from sun exposure.(3)The steroids in some skin lighteners may increase risk for skin infections,skin thinning,acne & poor wound healing.(4)The hydroquinine may also cause incurable skin discoloration known as ochronosis. For those of us that have joined the train of Breast enlargement either through pills or injections,i would want us to know that Breast enlargement pills contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are only specific to the manufacturers, With each ingredient comes the potential side effect. Breast enlargement may also be an unintended side effect of certain prescription drugs like estrogen,birth control pills & antidepressants. Which also point out that no research of any kind have shown that natural breast enhancement supplement have ever shown the same result. When or if you review the ingredients in any breast enlargement pills that you take or intend to take & identify their individual side effect;this is why you are always advised to consult your doctor before taking any breast enhancement drugs or pills. Note that when you enlarge your breast,you expose yourselves to breast cancer easily.

Njiribeako Chinyere