Couple Suic#de on the rise now -Delta police Pro

Concern over rising rate of couple suicides is expressed by a Delta Police PRO.

DSP Bright Edafe, the spokesperson for the Delta State Police Command, has expressed concern about the rising suicide rate, particularly among couples.

A person who ends their own life has missed out on life’s experiences, the PRO stated in a post on X on Wednesday, pleading with everyone to take care of their mental health.

He wrote: “Recently, there has been an increase in suicide, particularly among couples. The neighbors intervened to save the wife from a man who was abusing her.

“only for the man to enter and hang himself from his house.”

Another incident involved a sixteen-year-old girl who lived outside of her father’s home because she was afraid she would be beaten by him. She also hanged herself after trying in vain to please her parents.

“Let us take care of our mental health; the loser is the one who passes away.”

“You should not be anywhere you can not find peace.” Let us watch out for one another. PEACE.”

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