Do Not Marry A Liability Who Thinks Her Family’s Responsibility Is Yours -Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri advises men, “Do not marry a liability who thinks her family’s responsibility is yours.”

Marrying a woman who feels that her family is also the man’s responsibility is, in the opinion of former presidential aide and activist Reno Omokri, the quickest path to poverty for a man.

On Thursday, he revealed this in a post on his X page, saying that any girl who thinks her man should take care of her family too is a liability and should be avoided.

He went on to say that while a man may choose to assist his in-laws, it should not be his duty.

“Marrying a woman who feels her family is also your responsibility is the fastest route to poverty,” he wrote. There are times when you can only lend a hand financially. It is not responsibility, however, to accept a duty to take care of in-laws.

“”It is incredibly foofoolish! A girl who thinks like that is a liability.AAnd you will become unstable as a result of her family. Remember  that your future wife’s family is waiting patiently for you to lavish them with luxury, so do not let the idea of surprising her get the better of you.”

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