Do Not Marry Hungry Women Who Cannot Give You Monthly Allowance -Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze gives men advice: do not marry hungry women who can not give you a monthly allowance.

Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, is a well-known media personality who has counseled men not to date women who cannot support them financially on a monthly basis.

The contentious OAP revealed this to his followers during a recent Instagram live event, saying that men should be brave enough to ask women how much their monthly allowance will be before deciding to get married.

He added, “Enough is enough,” and urged them to stop marrying “hungry” women.

 “Do not marry hungry girls,” said Daddy Freeze. It is time to stop! A girl should be asked, “What are you going to do for me?” before you marry her. Start enquiring. Go ahead and be audacious. How much do you pay me each month in allowances, ask her?

“You should not waste your time on a woman who can not provide you with a monthly allowance.” Give up marrying people who are beneath you. The offspring of Adenuga and Dangote will wed. Have any Adenuga children ever married bricklayers, in your experience? Who did Dangote’s daughter marry, do you know? She got married to the son of the former Inspector General of Police.

“Once you are married, you will be stuck with someone who makes half of what you do or struggles to make ends meet.”

“If your monthly income is N10,000, try to find a woman who makes N30,000. “The lady also needs to be attractive, curvaceous, and have good bedroom manners.

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