Flights To Israel, Suspended By Major Airlines.

Flights To Israel, Suspended By Major Airlines

Following a massive attack by Hamas, Israel declared w*r which made major airlines to suspend airlines. 

The US State Department has issued travel advisories for the region citing potential for terrorism and civil unrest, Associated Press reports following suspension of American Airlines, United Airlines, And Delta Air lines.

A Palestinian group, Hamas, had launched its The biggest attack on Israel early on Saturday was launched by a Palestinian group called Hamas. They sent fighters across the border while firing a barrage Of Rockets From Gaza. 

In response, Israel made it known that he was on a war with Palestinian by responding with its own strikes against Hamas. 

On Sunday,  Gaza was targeted, hitting mosques, housing blocks, tunnels, Hamas officials homes in Gaza. 

Till Monday morning, the fight is still on at different locations and not less than four hundred (400) people have been killed in Gaza and over seven hundred (700) have reportedly been killed in Israel. 

Reports have it that Nigeria, the European Union, Russia, and the United States, including other nations, have called for a ceasefire and dialogue. 

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