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Respect for our Parents/ Elders

Just like late chinua Achebe said in one of his books. Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold.

Nowadays children do not respect their parents or have fear for the elders anymore. Let’s not pretend it started now, no it didn’t. It has been like this for years now but it’s a delicate issue that demands immediate attention as things are hurriedly becoming messy.
It’s no longer that way it used to be these days when we do not have to play outside the compound or play too long for without being reminded we already know when to go back to our books for the day’s book assignment or indulgence to house chores.
It’s no longer these days when we cry even when not yet beaten just because we were told by mother that we’ll be reported to father over a mistake or ill attitude. We were scared of father because his say is the final and he’ll never spare the rod to spoil the child.
When we misbehave we try so much to please our parents by being industrious, putting things in other at home. Helping in house chores and pleading with them especially mother to forgive. For if she forgives, father can easily let go.
Things are no longer like y’day when we greet our parents and elders calmly with a good tone of voice.
Our children are no longer like we of yesterday that helps the old with her/his luggage while walking past till any of us first reaches his destination.
What happpens to these children of yesterday that always keep quiet and listen when elders talk rather than talk back in a rude manner and hurl insults.
A lot of atrocities happens now that children beats their own parents. They engage in a lot of blood shedding acts that at times we wonder if we gave birth to human. They kill without mercy. Kids! You’re taken out when met in the line of duty not minding how related you are to him.
Our little girls sells their body in exchange for money and the society sees nothing wrong with it. They’re no longer helpful to their parents like it used to be. They prefer already made” life in all things. Food they eat, in education, career, even life patner.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s still in voke like before that a man tests a woman properly in different ways before, ensuring she’s a wife material before proposing to her. Now it’s like they prefer the bad to the good. Do our girls consider a man’s heart now than his pocket? I don’t think so
I used to think our parents needs a lot of work to do at home but also i found out that many did their work but children nowadays are so adamant to advice and this rotten western civilization is fast eating up our norms and culture.
We should understand that we are Africans, borrowing or working hard to adapt to a white man’s way of life will only cripple our original, ancient, peaceful, and cultural heritage and life style.
Africans! We all must go back to our original root which is enriched with values, respect, rich culture and traditions. Let our children be these children we use to be that parents are so proud to speak of at any gathering.
All hands must be on deck in making this work. Parents, put your house on check, relate with your children, give them time for that’s your first job. Raise a child the society will be so proud to have.
Elders should still be elders of yesterday who speaks truth no matter how risky it is. Correct a child going astray. For in Africa we believe a child is owned by the society not just the parents.
Children be the child you wish to have tomorrow. Strive to make a difference amongst others and make the society proud.
This is the voice of African lioness.
God bless the African Children!


Written by Eby Asogwa

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