I Need a DNA On My Dad- Cynthia Morgan

I Need a DNA On My Dad – Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan demands a DNA test as she doubts her paternity judging from the way she was treated at home. She narrated how she was used as a s*x tool by her half siblings.

She told her mother about it which made them stop but started to bully her for revealing such.

She wrote on her Instagram page on Monday “ I was 14 when I lost my virginity in my father’s house because my half-sister and half-brother decided to use me for s#xual experiment.

She further wrote “ only a “fraudulent father” would instruct his kids to “take care” of him before he prayed for them.

She asserted that it’s her father’s turn to go through same thing she did as a teen.

She affirmed of her and her father doing DNA test to be sure.

She further wrote that she owe her father nothing and if not fraud why must he demand for money before he’ll pray for her. She would have have forgotten everything that happened in the past if he didn’t come back in 2016 to finish her up with his children. 

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