Investors Are Loosing Their Patience As Chinmark Investment Crumbles

Investors Are Loosing Their Patience As Chinmarks Investment Crumbles.

Retiree slumps, and die over money stuck in Chinmarks Investment Scheme

A credible source has confirned that a retiree in Enugu has slumped and died over inability to recover funds stuck in Chinmark Investment Group.

The Chinmarks Investment firm had asked investors to give it 60 days to ramp up funds and pay their capital. The 60 days elapsed on the 19th of March but the firm still failed to meet up to its financial obligations to its thousands of investors.

More than 10,000 investors deposited more than 10 billion naira in the failed scheme.

The daughter, Nkechi Ude said her father invested her gratuity in the scheme and died from high blood pressure over news that the company had crashed.
She said,
“Amanda Chisom made me lose my father because he invested his gratuity in Chinmark which she promoted ..he died yesterday due to HBP because of the breaking news that Chinmark won’t pay.

“Whoever knows Amanda should tell her to get ready for another burial in her family compound again this year because I’m taking one of her family members down” ~ credit Chidera Ogbodo

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