Just in: Igbos now Enemies of Themselves


The gruesome death of over 20 people at the funeral OF MR Ozor Chibuik Chukwuka had confirmed what some Igbos had always FEARED. There are hardened blood thirsty killers crawling round the Igboland and they are Igbos. The Ebenebe in Awka North massacre and disruption of the funeral is a confirmation of Igbos against Igbos that no one wants to talk about. The pattern had always been a blame game.
Other tribes in the North and Nigeria security agencies were said to be the unknown gun men. I am not saying that there may not be external forces that are killers in Igboland but the majority seems to be Igbos. The man that his funeral led to the death at Ebenebe was said to be a member of a strong fraternity, he was feared by all, and very dangerous, he was even among those that led gangs to kiII poIice, burn their stations and cart their guns away that many of our people were hailing ignorantly.
A man from his town that knew him well told the world that Ozo was shot dead in December 2021 and his rival gangs warned that he would not be given a befitting burial. The rival fraternity warned people to keep away from the funeral to avoid being killed in revenge cult war.

The rest is now history. Many militia groups, armed gangs, violent armed extortionists, heartless kidnappers and one man armed freedom faceless fighters are now all over Igboland.
They are killing their fellow Igbos, raping women, kidnapping people in hundreds and burning properties.
These acts have never been part of Igbo characters. This is not who we are. Life is precious to us and shedding blood is strange to us. In the name of gods that they serve or hold dear, I beg any person that is a killer in Igboland to stop. Those who have never believed that fellow Igbos have hands in the insecurity and bloodshed going on in Igboland, may God have mercy on your souls and never allow these horrible deaths to be your portion or that of your family members.
Parents should look out inwardly and outwardly and think deeper,to Know where we failed and do it right again.
United we stand as Igbos.
Say No to killing!!!!!

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