kidnappers Apprehended As Victim Identofie

The abductors arrived at Ihotu Park in order to board a car that would take them to Makurdi. They encountered the girl they had previously abducted and freed in exchange for a ransom there. They were even making use of a bag they had taken from the girl. One of the two who tried to flee was apprehended by the girl after she set off the alarm and stopped the other one. In the back of the car was a bag containing ghana must-go. It turned out to contain eleven million, precisely counted at the station. Soldiers and police arrived to save them just as mobs were about to set them on fire, according to the manager of the Ihotu park. The girl went to the station with them.

The commissioner received a call from the governor of Benue State, who expressed interest in the case. They are currently in Makurdi. The girl went with them. It turned out that another woman had also arrived at the station to verify that they were the ones who had abducted her.

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