Man Dies Three Days Before His Wedding

A man dies three days before his wedding, and his friends are in mourning. 

The future groom, Abraham Basif, died three days before his wedding, leaving his friends in deep sorrow. 

On Wednesday, Facebook user Theophilus Baba announced Basif’s passing on his page.

“”I was deeply hurt by the passing of a young, talented man, but God is aware of everything,” Baba wrote alongside a photo of the passing.II never realized, brother, that would be our last trip to the hospital on that specific day.

I should be typing congrats on your picture this Friday and Saturday, but we think God is dependable all the time.

His most recent Facebook post, dated November 29, 2023, was found to be an invitation to his wedding, which was set for Friday, December 22, and Saturday, December 23.

The pre-wedding pictures of the deceased, Basif, and his fiancée were shared with the caption, “He made all things beautiful in his time.”

Come celebrate with us God’s faithfulness in our life.

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