Man Stabs his wife and Commits Suicide

Two kitchen knives and two bottles of sniper were found in the scene where the horrific incident happened. It was believed that the man( Mr Femi) had killed his wife. The neighbours close to the couple’s apartment heard a loud music coming from their house which lasted for many hours. They had reported to the estate authorities who went to appeal to them to turn the volume down. They met the wife’s sister downstairs with the couple’s kids and complained to her. She went upstairs at once to inform them but got no response after knocking severally.The estate officials decided to pull down the door and met the couple’s dead.The man had bound the woman’s hands and legs and her mouth shut with cello tape. He shaved her head with clipper, stabbed her eyes, head, and stabbed her multiple knives with different knives. When he’s sure the wife is dead, he committed suicide by drinking sniper.The Homicide detectives have sealed up the place, the corpse of the man and woman have been moved to the hospital for autopsy while investigation is ongoing. However, the man have always questioned the paternity of his second child.Before the incidence, neighbours have spotted the couple’s jogging together.

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