Mr Ibu Ailment:Jasmine and Stella F#ght Over Donated Money

My father’s account is under my control. Actor’s wife’s claims are refuted by Mr. Ibu’s son

The second son of actor John Okafor, also referred to as Mr. Ibu, Daniel Okafor, has refuted allegations made by his wife Stella Okafor that her adopted daughter Jasmine had accessed Mr. Ibu’s bank account. 

Stella accused Jasmine of taking over the bank account from which well-meaning Nigerians had been donating money for the ailing actor on her Instagram page on Sunday.

I do not have access to the main Access bank account where donations are made, according to a portion of her post. Jazmine is secretly in charge of it, but in order to maintain complete control over that account, she is fabricating all kinds of falsehoods and propaganda about me. It is a tale for another day how she used deceit to gain control over that account.”

Jasmine responded that she had nothing to say.

“For now, at least, I do not want to get engaged in the internet drama. Daddy’s wellbeing is more important to me,” she remarked.

Jasmine  recommended that our correspondent have a conversation with Daniel Okafor, the son of Mr. Ibu.

“My name is Daniel Okafor; I am John Okafor’s second son. 

“There is no truth in what Stella Maris has been sharing online. Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’

While withholding additional information about his mother, Daniel also revealed that Stella Maris is his stepmother. 

My mother is not around at the moment. 

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