My Aunts Called Me B#stard- Helen Paul.

Because I was born of a rape, my aunts called me Bastard. – Helen Paul 

Actress Helen Paul, better known by her stage name Tatafo, is a Nigerian comedian who has shared her story of overcoming rape and using rejection as a motivation to transform her life.

This was revealed in a post she made on her Instagram page on Friday. She talked about the stigma associated with being born of rape and how it led to her aunts constantly calling her a bastard.

Helen went on to encourage her followers not to let rejection deter them, pointing out that she had gone from being a comedienne to a professor in the US.

“Never feel rejected; see it as your power force,” she said. Transforming from a Nigerian comedian to an American professor An amazing tale! Do not die so that you can share your story. Everything will be alright.

In my experience, it differed from what the Yoruba refer to as akanda omo, or a special child, but some of us are unable to accept rejection, and some of us are unaware that the words we speak can cause someone to feel rejected forever.

“You must have heard me mention on stage previously that I was raised by my great-grandmother and was born out of rape.

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