No One Is A Saint Or The Dev1l: Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze told Emeka Ike, his ex-wife, “No one is a saint or the devil.” 

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike and his ex-wife Suzanne are the subject of controversy. Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze has responded to this.

Daddy Freeze made a point in a recent live session about his failed marriage.

He stated that his ex-wife made different, false claims in a court document in an attempt to cast herself as the innocent party, so he found it hard to believe anything she said about Emeka Ike.

He clarified that while he was not endorsing Emeka Ike, nobody is a saint or the devil when it comes to divorce.

It is not possible; we have to deal with what each of them has to offer, he declared. They used to do this to me, so when she said she sounded like the gentle one, I almost believed her.

Do not forget that I am a product of a divorce. My former partner mentioned in our court documents that I utilize to invite my friends to share a bed with her, and that if she does not agree, I will blow her mind.

“when a divorce case is going on there is nothing each of the party will not say to look good.”

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