Daddy Freeze told Emeka Ike, his ex-wife, “No one is a saint or the devil.” 

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike and his ex-wife Suzanne are the subject of controversy. Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze has responded to this.

Daddy Freeze made a point in a recent live session about his failed marriage.

He stated that his ex-wife made different, false claims in a court document in an attempt to cast herself as the innocent party, so he found it hard to believe anything she said about Emeka Ike.

He clarified that while he was not endorsing Emeka Ike, nobody is a saint or the devil when it comes to divorce.

It is not possible; we have to deal with what each of them has to offer, he declared. They used to do this to me, so when she said she sounded like the gentle one, I almost believed her.

Do not forget that I am a product of a divorce. My former partner mentioned in our court documents that I utilize to invite my friends to share a bed with her, and that if she does not agree, I will blow her mind.

“when a divorce case is going on there is nothing each of the party will not say to look good.”

Men dislike women who are too successful, as Ini Edo explains.

Actress Ini Edo of Nollywood claims that men prefer women who can perform the basic tasks that are expected of them rather than those who are super successful.

She continued by saying that some men find women’s strength intimidating and that they are more attracted to submissive, controllable women.

She revealed this when she appeared with media star Toke Makinwa on the most recent episode of TokeMoments.

“Some men feel threatened by the strength of women,” she said. Due to the possibility of appearing overly engaged. You are a woman, first and foremost, and you are present everywhere. You are also gorgeous.

Generally speaking, men prefer it when women are not overly successful because it allows them to pull you around, claim the role of the woman, take care of the house, cook, and perform other household chores that are expected of women.

It is almost as though you are competing with their ego when you become overly strong. However, the truth is that I enjoy being the queen, as I always say. It is not my intention as a woman to ride over or subjugate any man.

“I do not think I would like to be in charge of a man, no matter how successful I become. What then makes it so beautiful? It is really lovely to stroll alongside my partner while he gives me directions and watches out for me.

Ini Edo added that she is a woman from a traditional background and feels that men are meant to be the head of the household and to look out for and take care of women and their families in general.

Why it took me thirteen years to bring Emeka Ike back for Malaika – Toyin Abraham

I have been in contact with uncle Emeka since last year. I am aware that he has been away for some time, based on everything we have heard. Since I was not as well-known at the time, I sent him a message.

I told my manager, Otunba Seun, to get his number, and he said, “What if?” referring to everything that had happened.

You have suffered enough over the past 13 years, so even if you did it, do not worry—everything will be fine.

Why did I bring Emeka Ike back for Malaika after a thirteen-year absence? 

Since I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, I do not mind taking chances; it makes no difference to me who you are in this role. Nothing  to worry about.

A man dies three days before his wedding, and his friends are in mourning. 

The future groom, Abraham Basif, died three days before his wedding, leaving his friends in deep sorrow. 

On Wednesday, Facebook user Theophilus Baba announced Basif’s passing on his page.

“”I was deeply hurt by the passing of a young, talented man, but God is aware of everything,” Baba wrote alongside a photo of the passing.II never realized, brother, that would be our last trip to the hospital on that specific day.

I should be typing congrats on your picture this Friday and Saturday, but we think God is dependable all the time.

His most recent Facebook post, dated November 29, 2023, was found to be an invitation to his wedding, which was set for Friday, December 22, and Saturday, December 23.

The pre-wedding pictures of the deceased, Basif, and his fiancée were shared with the caption, “He made all things beautiful in his time.”

Come celebrate with us God’s faithfulness in our life.

After reportedly losing N2.5 million to Betnaija, Abia Man Onoh Chukwuma commits suicide.

After allegedly losing N2.5 million to Betnaija, a young, vibrant Abian from Arochukwu, Abia State, took a sniper’s bullet on Tuesday to end his life.

Onoh wrote on his Facebook wall that he was going to meet his maker today and that this was his last day on earth.

He took Sniper before making the post, which everyone was unaware of.

Despite their best efforts, the doctors at the Madonna Hospital in Umuahia were unable to revive him.

Rumor had it that he lost N2.5 million to Betnaija and could not take the embarrassment of the commotions from people he had borrowed money from.

After being called out by his ex-wife regarding child support, the estranged husband responds, “Public schools in the United States are free.” 

The ex-husband of well-known Nigerian dancer Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi, Justin Dean, has stated that public schools in the US are free following allegations that he neglected to pay child support.

Korra made a video asking him to cover his daughter’s tuition, and that is when this happened.

In response to the video, Justin asserted that US children had a right to free public education.

He continued by saying that he hired a preschool teacher to watch his kids and teach them.

“It is free to attend public schools in the United States of America, or at least in every state, right?” he said.  It is not like in Africa where you can purchase a home and it becomes yours forever.

Property taxes are what you have to pay on that house, and they go toward supporting public services like schools.

In other words, although homeownership does not technically grant free education, living in a more affluent neighborhood typically entitles you to better-funded public schools because property taxes are based on the value of the home.

“I know what I am doing when it comes to raising my children, which is why I hired a nanny who was a 30-year veteran of the top preschool and a retired pre-school teacher.”

Actress, Olamide Odunlade declares “Money pays bills not love”

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Olamide Odunlade is desired by many men, for her beauty and brawn. For the graduate of Marketing in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, love and trust are very important to her and could determine whether the relationship survives or not.

In her words, “Money pays bills not love. Money solves problems, not love. Love is beautiful and important, and we all need it in our lives, but without money we are all dead”

She added that she would walk out of any relationship the moment she realizes trust no longer exists in it, either from her or the other side.

A 100-Level NSUK Student Takes Their Own Life Due to a Broken Heart

It has been reported that a female student at Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK), level 100, committed suicide.

Before the unfortunate incident, Sarah Redemption, an undergraduate student, was a Microbiology student, according to trending information.

The young student allegedly consumed an unidentified poisonous substance, which resulted in her irreversibly losing her life.

Her fellow university students raced to her rescue, trying in vain to neutralize the poison and stabilize her with palm oil.

Although the reason for her heartbreaking decision to end her life is still unknown, sources claim that she killed herself as a result of a failed relationship with a young man.

According to a source known only as Bigbosco Wisdom, a relationship problem led to the suicide of NSUK 100 level microbiology department employees yesterday.

He disclosed further that “the remains of Saratu Redeeming now depart for her hometown for interment.”

Reno Omokri advises men, “Do not marry a liability who thinks her family’s responsibility is yours.”

Marrying a woman who feels that her family is also the man’s responsibility is, in the opinion of former presidential aide and activist Reno Omokri, the quickest path to poverty for a man.

On Thursday, he revealed this in a post on his X page, saying that any girl who thinks her man should take care of her family too is a liability and should be avoided.

He went on to say that while a man may choose to assist his in-laws, it should not be his duty.

“Marrying a woman who feels her family is also your responsibility is the fastest route to poverty,” he wrote. There are times when you can only lend a hand financially. It is not responsibility, however, to accept a duty to take care of in-laws.

“”It is incredibly foofoolish! A girl who thinks like that is a liability.AAnd you will become unstable as a result of her family. Remember  that your future wife’s family is waiting patiently for you to lavish them with luxury, so do not let the idea of surprising her get the better of you.”

Daddy Freeze gives men advice: do not marry hungry women who can not give you a monthly allowance.

Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, is a well-known media personality who has counseled men not to date women who cannot support them financially on a monthly basis.

The contentious OAP revealed this to his followers during a recent Instagram live event, saying that men should be brave enough to ask women how much their monthly allowance will be before deciding to get married.

He added, “Enough is enough,” and urged them to stop marrying “hungry” women.

 “Do not marry hungry girls,” said Daddy Freeze. It is time to stop! A girl should be asked, “What are you going to do for me?” before you marry her. Start enquiring. Go ahead and be audacious. How much do you pay me each month in allowances, ask her?

“You should not waste your time on a woman who can not provide you with a monthly allowance.” Give up marrying people who are beneath you. The offspring of Adenuga and Dangote will wed. Have any Adenuga children ever married bricklayers, in your experience? Who did Dangote’s daughter marry, do you know? She got married to the son of the former Inspector General of Police.

“Once you are married, you will be stuck with someone who makes half of what you do or struggles to make ends meet.”

“If your monthly income is N10,000, try to find a woman who makes N30,000. “The lady also needs to be attractive, curvaceous, and have good bedroom manners.

El-Rufai Says He is Returning To The Private Sector After Leaving Active Politics

Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna state, has stated his desire to exit politics and go back to work in the private sector.

El-Rufai, a certified quantity surveyor, announced on X on Monday that he planned to create Afri-Venture Capital Company Limited. In the first quarter of 2024, the company plans to begin operations in Abuja.

He claims that the company’s goal is to assist and develop African and Nigerian entrepreneurs in order to shape the upcoming generation of renowned businesspeople.

This project will be led by El-Rufai, who will work with distinguished directors Jimi Lawal, Hafiz Bayero, Eyo Ekpo, and Kabir Yabo to develop and mentor the next generation of business leaders, who may become Dangote Group acolytes in the process.

Men lack common sense—Moet Abebe explains why, at 34, she is still unmarried

Actress and media personality Moet Abebe, from Nollywood, has disclosed her 34-year-old single status.

Weeping that most men “do not have sense,” Moet said she has not yet found a “sensible man.”

The Nollywood actor Etim Effiong was a guest on a recent episode of the Bahd and Boujee Podcast, which she co-hosted with reality star Tolanibaj. She made this statement.

Effiong questioned her about her continued single status during the session. Effiong had known Moet since he was unmarried six years prior.

“You already know my reservations,” Moet retorted. I am over repeating this after each episode.

“More needs to be done by your gender.” The thing about men that bothers me is that they lack common sense.

“I have problems with men, which is why I am still single. Men do not have sense, and that is my problem with them.

Staff Member of Zenith Bank Kidnapped Passes Away After Family Supposedly Paid N11 Million Ransom

It is reported that Austin Ilom, a Zenith Bank employee at the Suleja Branch, passed away after his family paid an astounding N11 million to have him released. 

One of his friends shared this on social media. 

“Sad news, a young man’s tragic end.

Three weeks ago, a staff member of Zenith Bank’s Suleja branch was abducted from his Kubwa residence.

His brother-in-law is a senator currently serving; he simply stated that he will not do anything until the bank brings their own contribution for his release. They demanded a N50 million ransom, and the bank declined to help him because he was abducted at home and not while on duty.

In the end, he brought only 3 million, while his coworkers and friends raised a total of 11.5 million.

A few days later, the kidnappers called to say they should come pick him up after taking the 11 million and instructing them to go get the remaining amount.

They took a half-dead man and brought him to Bwari hospital in Abuja. He asked for water and gave up before they could bring it to him.

 Suleja’s best marketing personnel

A military helicopter crashes in Port Harcourt

On Friday, at the NAF Base in Port Harcourt, a Nigerian Air Force helicopter crashed and burst into pieces.

The incident happened about 7.50 am, despite the fact that the cause of the crash could not be immediately determined.

“I was inside my apartment when I heard this thunderous sound at the NAF Base,” the source stated.

“A thick flame was the next thing I saw.” I am unable to get too close to the scene right now, so I am not sure if there are any casualties. 

However, I heard a blast twice.

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, the Director of Public Relations and Information for the NAF, confirmed the crash in a statement, stating that the NAF MI-35P had taken off to begin an operation against oil thieves in Rivers State.

Adding that five of the passengers had only minor wounds, he said

Three people killed, 13 injured as Hamas gunmen attack Jerusalem.

Hamas gunmen have killed three people while 13 were injured in the attack they launched at a bus stop in Jerusalem during rush hour on Thursday.

The Palestinian group disclosed its militants carried out a shooting in Jerusalem today, despite the extension for a day of a truce in Gaza and to release at least 10 more Israeli hostages.

The Telegraph said an off-duty soldier reportedly intervened and shot and killed the attackers, who arrived in a vehicle and opened fire with an M-16 rifle and a handgun. In a statement, the terror group said, “This operation is a natural response to the unprecedented crimes of the occupier in the Gaza Strip and against children in Jenin.”