Controversy as police officer is captured carrying food for a ‘Madam’ he is protecting in Kwara state.

Many have questioned the habit of rich people in the society using police officers attached to them as errand boys and girls.

The Nigerian police have now gotten involved and feel embarrassed by the man’s action. According to a statement, they are waiting for the man in Abuja.

Shame On Minister Of Education:

Minister Of Education, Adamu Adamu, Rudely Walked Out On Nigerian Students During Meeting That Sought To Address The ASUU Strike.

In the meeting, NANS president told the Minister that Nigerian students want to enjoy education in Nigeria as their parents could not afford to send them abroad to study, the same way the Minister sent his children, Adamu – a public servant paid by the Nigerian people – stood up and walked away.

What a shame!

As US reach out to China and Taiwan for consultations…

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, the United States is sending a delegation of former defense officials to Taiwan while keeping communication channels open with Russia’s ally, China.

U.S. officials affirms China’s decision to back Russia amid its military campaign in Ukraine is causing the Beijing government to become “quite uncomfortable.”

Although Beijing’s spokesperson continue to repeat Russia’s claims alleging NATO of provoking the conflict by expanding its membership over the years, U.S. officials still insist the relationship is being strained by both the fighting on the ground and the coordinated response by Europe and the United States.
kunt Campbell who is US President Joe Biden senior coordinator for indo-pacific policy at the White House National Security Council said,

“It is undeniable that right now, China is occupying an awkward nexus in which they’re trying to sustain their deep and fundamental relationship with Russia,”

No Going Back On Al-Makura Says Governor Sule

I will Always Support Al-Makura To Show Am Not An Ingrate
He said,
“For me as a person I should be able to support Tanko Al-Makura because Tanko Al-Makura came out very strongly to support me when I am running for this office where I happened to be here today.

“So, naturally it will seem to show that I am not an ingrate, I must always support him and I have always supported him.” -Governor Sule,

Wizkid On The International

Rapper Wiz Khalifa Hints At Collaboration With Wizkid

American rapper, Wiz Khalifa has disclosed that he’s working on something with Nigeria’s big boy Wizkid.

Via his InstaStory
, he wrote
“Wiz Khalifa and #wizkidayo on the way. Don’t tell everybody.”

Credit: Instagram| wizkhalifa, wizkidayo

We Don’t Have To Shower!!!

Men Don’t Need To Shower Every Day –Rapper, Kodak Black

The American rapper, Kodak Black has declared that men don’t have to shower every day.

Kodak Black made this controversial and untrue claim during an interview on Atlanta radio, 105.3 The Beat.

He said that men don’t have to be held to the same hygiene standard as women.
Read his words,

“N****s, we can rock. We ain’t even got to hop in the sprayer every day for real. We ain’t really got to hop in the sprayer for real like that,” he told hosts Jo Jo Alonso and Kodaq.

When Alonso tried to counter his claim that men have a more noticeable body odour, Kodak pushed back.

However, when it comes to bathing for women, the South Florida rapper said, “But [women], y’all gotta hop in that b*ch (shower) every day. Soon after we [have sex] all kinds of sht and before.”

Credit: Hotnewhiphop

The Nigeria Police Is At It Again!!!!

Police has Detained an Accident Victim For Being ‘Too Young To Own A Car’ In Ebonyi State.

A Nigerian man who was involved in a car accident has cried out after Police detained him for being ‘too young to own an exotic car’ In Ebonyi State.

From the victims account , he went to the police station to make a report after he was discharged from the hospital. But the police detained him saying that he is too young to own a car.

Cash Flow!!!

Pretty Privilege’: BBNaija Finalist, Angel Flaunts Cash Gift online.

One of the finalists of the last BBNaija show, Angel Smith has flaunted the cash gift she got at a nightclub for being pretty, elegant and beautiful.

Calling it “pretty privilege,” Angel said, “’Cause someone gave me this at the club because I’m a fine girl.”

Credit: Instagram |theangeljbsmith

‘IPOB leader Nnamdi Will be killed By Me!!!

I’ll kill Nnamdi Kanu in court with my hands’ – Asari Dokubo threatens IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu

Former militant leader, Asari Dokubo has threatened to kill Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Dokubo threatened to kill Kanu in the courtroom with his bare hands.

The former known leader of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta issued the threat while reacting to reports that some IPOB members had beaten him up.

Disclaming such repporrs Dokubo said the day such happens, he will go to court and eliminate the IPOB leader personally.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, Dokubo described such claims as fallacy and untrue.

In his words;

“You can think o, You can talk, but the day you attempt all these your lies that you are lying, I will practically go and kill Nnamdi Kanu even in the court, even with Nigerian Military and all the Nigerian security agencies around.

“I will not send anybody, I will practically go there and kill him with my own hands,” he threatened.

The Niger Delta warking and Kanu have experienced a frosty relationship over the years.

Nnamdi Kanu is facing charges bordering on terrorism before Justice Binta Nyako-led Federal High Court, Abuja.

Human Activist Sowore drags Hon Ned Nwoko, IGP to court over ‘illegal’ arrest, demands N200 million

An Activist publisher Omoyele Sowore has filed a lawsuit against businessman tycoon and former lawmaker, Ned Nwoko, and the Nigeria Police Force over his alleged ‘illegal’ arrest and detention last Thursday.

Sowore is asking for an apology to be published in two reputable national daily newspapers for the violation of his fundamental rights and N200 million as damages for the violation of his rights.

Sowore was arrested by the police on the Court of Appeal premises on the alleged orders of Nwoko over some ‘trumped-up’ allegations.

The law suit is between Omoyele Sowore,the Nigeria Police Force as the first respondent, the Inspector-General of Police as the second respondent, the Commissioner of Police, Abuja and Ned Munir Nwoko as the third and fourth respondents respectively.

We will keep you updated….

Popular Nigerian socialite, Sodiq Oluwadamilola better known as Dammie Richie, has passed on.

As at the time of filing this report, there are conflicting reports on what led to his death.

While some people claim he committed suicide after battling with depression for about two years, some others claim he died after a brief illness.

However, reports have it that he checked himself into a rehabilitation center at some point because of his mental health issues.

France President Emmanuel Macron Intervenes
The France president Macron has weighed in finding solution into Russians invasion in Ukraine.
In his words;

“I am in constant communication with President Zelensky . I would like to commend his great sense of responsibility. At the latter’s request and given the humanitarian situation, I called President Putin.

“To President Vladimir Putin , I reiterated the international community’s demand to end the Russian offensive against Ukraine and insisted on the need to immediately establish a ceasefire.

“With discussions starting between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations, I asked him to stop all strikes and attacks on civilians and residential areas, preserve all civilian infrastructure and secure main roads. He confirmed his willingness to commit to these points.

“I demanded compliance with international humanitarian law and the protection of civilian populations, such as aid delivery. In this respect, France submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council.

“To prevent the situation from worsening, I suggested to President Putin that we stay in contact over the coming days. We will continue our discussions”

I Have Never Lost Election, Gone To Court ;

Senator Abudullahi Adamu in his interview with the Tribune affirmed that he has never lost any election nor dragged to court over any electoral case.
Read his interview below!

“I, Abdullahi Adamu, has no cure for cynicism! There are people when they desire to have a particular thing, opportunity, office and fail to achieve that desire, sometimes, they are true victims of some machinations and often times, they don’t see themselves and align themselves to what they have done to fail or succeed. They only want to see their failure as the making of somebody, somewhere, or a group of people. If you trace my history in political affairs or my days as a student unionist up till date, I have never lost an election or gone to court and to date, I have always told my followers where I have always lead, never you come to me crying about you are robbed of victory by the opposition party, police or army. Don’t do that with me. Tell me what you want to deliver; I will make available to you what will make you deliver by the grace of God. If you come back and you couldn’t deliver, I will tell you, ‘go back, that is not my bargain with you. Go and deliver.’ And somehow, God has made it possible for us and I believe it will not be anything different with the APC.

“If I am privileged to lead, the history the party has had since the merger in 2013, 2015 elections, we have not failed and I believe that we will only be there to strengthen the APC, having identified what the weak links are. We will strengthen them and we will make sure we continue the trail of victories in the elections.

“As a matter of fact, we will come with our spirit and make sure that the people are properly mandated, gingered for victory and we will make sure that where there is lack of attitude or the attitude of the electorate towards the party, we will take measures to amend and push the party’s fortune forward. If we have the opportunity, that is the way we are going to work and that’s how it will be. God forbids, even if it happens I don’t have it, I am a team player, anybody that gets it, I will work with him and work towards attaining those goals.” -Senator Abdullahi Adamu Tribune, Interview


The gruesome death of over 20 people at the funeral OF MR Ozor Chibuik Chukwuka had confirmed what some Igbos had always FEARED. There are hardened blood thirsty killers crawling round the Igboland and they are Igbos. The Ebenebe in Awka North massacre and disruption of the funeral is a confirmation of Igbos against Igbos that no one wants to talk about. The pattern had always been a blame game.
Other tribes in the North and Nigeria security agencies were said to be the unknown gun men. I am not saying that there may not be external forces that are killers in Igboland but the majority seems to be Igbos. The man that his funeral led to the death at Ebenebe was said to be a member of a strong fraternity, he was feared by all, and very dangerous, he was even among those that led gangs to kiII poIice, burn their stations and cart their guns away that many of our people were hailing ignorantly.
A man from his town that knew him well told the world that Ozo was shot dead in December 2021 and his rival gangs warned that he would not be given a befitting burial. The rival fraternity warned people to keep away from the funeral to avoid being killed in revenge cult war.

The rest is now history. Many militia groups, armed gangs, violent armed extortionists, heartless kidnappers and one man armed freedom faceless fighters are now all over Igboland.
They are killing their fellow Igbos, raping women, kidnapping people in hundreds and burning properties.
These acts have never been part of Igbo characters. This is not who we are. Life is precious to us and shedding blood is strange to us. In the name of gods that they serve or hold dear, I beg any person that is a killer in Igboland to stop. Those who have never believed that fellow Igbos have hands in the insecurity and bloodshed going on in Igboland, may God have mercy on your souls and never allow these horrible deaths to be your portion or that of your family members.
Parents should look out inwardly and outwardly and think deeper,to Know where we failed and do it right again.
United we stand as Igbos.
Say No to killing!!!!!