Pastor Tries Killing Self Over Low Turn Out Of Members

Pastor Tries Killing Self Over Low Turn Out Of Members.
Port Harcourt Pastor Attempted Sui*cide, Says His Church Has Only 15 Members Since year 2000.

A pastor of a pentecostal church has been rescued from commiting sui*ide by responders who saw him attempting to hang himself in a tree with a rope and raised the alarm.

Report has it that the incident happened near Ben Wosley, Ada George, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The rescuers, alongside some policemen, successfully removed the rope from his neck and poured water on him before he regained consciousnesses.

Minutes after regaining consciousness, the pastor asked of the whereabout of his wife and daughter, who were both at the scene of the incident, crying profusely.

The yet to be identified pastor kept screaming “Im tired” when interviewed.

Narrating what led to his action, he said:

He said: “I’m tired. You people should allow me to die. Since 2000 that I opened my ministry, no members, only 15 members. God, you called me, I have fasted, I have prayed, I have done everything to make sure my church grows. I have gone for evangelism, I have gone for morning call, I have called for night vigil, I have done everything so that my church will grow”.

Speaking further, he said: “My colleagues that we went to church school together, they’re doing well, their church have grown, they’re travelling abroad while mine is not growing. I will host crusade, I will not even see money to settle the debts incurred. I have done everything. I cannot even pay my house rent”
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