Police Man Shot To Death In Imo By Girlfriend

Police man shot to death in Imo by Girlfriend 

Cosmas Ugwu, a police officer employed by the Imo State Police Command, was shot and k#lled by his girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Amanda Uchechi Ugo, a native of Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State, shot and k#lled Ugwu. Uchechi Ugo is 23 years old.

That happened at the Ezinihitte Area Command on Boxing Day at about 6:30 p.m., according to trustworthy sources.

From the room that the deceased officer was occupying, officers on counter duty reported hearing three gunshots.

Corporal Ugwu was found lying in a pool of his own blood when police officers stormed into the room to investigate what was happening. He was shot three times in the chest and left hand by the girl. He was taken to Evergreen Hospital in Ezinihitte right away, where the on-call physician declared him dead, a source told reporters on Wednesday.

According to information, the deceased and his girlfriend got into a heated argument, during which she reached for his rifle, squeezed the trigger, and fired three shots at him.

“How the girl was able to use a police rifle successfully is still a surprise to many,” the source continued, “but nobody really knows what went wrong between the two.” It is possible that Ugwu was her teacher.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, the officer’s remains have been placed at the Obizi mortuary.

Presently, the suspect is being held by the police in order to be questioned and possibly prosecuted.

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