Public Schools In The United States Are Free- Justin Dean

After being called out by his ex-wife regarding child support, the estranged husband responds, “Public schools in the United States are free.” 

The ex-husband of well-known Nigerian dancer Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi, Justin Dean, has stated that public schools in the US are free following allegations that he neglected to pay child support.

Korra made a video asking him to cover his daughter’s tuition, and that is when this happened.

In response to the video, Justin asserted that US children had a right to free public education.

He continued by saying that he hired a preschool teacher to watch his kids and teach them.

“It is free to attend public schools in the United States of America, or at least in every state, right?” he said.  It is not like in Africa where you can purchase a home and it becomes yours forever.

Property taxes are what you have to pay on that house, and they go toward supporting public services like schools.

In other words, although homeownership does not technically grant free education, living in a more affluent neighborhood typically entitles you to better-funded public schools because property taxes are based on the value of the home.

“I know what I am doing when it comes to raising my children, which is why I hired a nanny who was a 30-year veteran of the top preschool and a retired pre-school teacher.”

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