Russia Vs Ukraine: France President Emmanuel Macron Intervenes

France President Emmanuel Macron Intervenes
The France president Macron has weighed in finding solution into Russians invasion in Ukraine.
In his words;

“I am in constant communication with President Zelensky . I would like to commend his great sense of responsibility. At the latter’s request and given the humanitarian situation, I called President Putin.

“To President Vladimir Putin , I reiterated the international community’s demand to end the Russian offensive against Ukraine and insisted on the need to immediately establish a ceasefire.

“With discussions starting between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations, I asked him to stop all strikes and attacks on civilians and residential areas, preserve all civilian infrastructure and secure main roads. He confirmed his willingness to commit to these points.

“I demanded compliance with international humanitarian law and the protection of civilian populations, such as aid delivery. In this respect, France submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council.

“To prevent the situation from worsening, I suggested to President Putin that we stay in contact over the coming days. We will continue our discussions”

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