Scan Reveal: Rapper, Kodak Black unhappy as he’s expecting a baby girl

Scan Reveal:
Rapper, Kodak Black Unhappy as He’s expecting A Baby Girl

American rapper, Bill Kahan Kapri, popularly known as Kodak Black has revealed he is unhappy after finding out he would be having another female child.

The Black on his Instagram page disclosed he wanted a boy because he already had a daughter in January.

He went further boasting that his next baby would be a boy.

Kodak wrote
“My BM (Baby Mama) is so pretty 😍 I wore blue & pink to be neutral about everything even though I wanted a boy because I just had a daughter in January.

“I was a lil upset when that pink smoke came out but it is what it is. I know we’ll produce a beautiful healthy baby!!!

“To be honest, I was supposed to have two daughters anyways for my legacy!!! King, Queen, Princess & Prince 👑 The next one gone be a boy though. 😤 NO MATTER WHAT I WOULD FOREVER LOVE ALL MY KIDS THE SAME.”

Credit: Instagram |kodakblack

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