Trending: What is Retired Immigration Boss Babandede trying To Cover?

What Is Retired Immigration Boss Babandede trying to Cover?

There is tension and uproar in the Nigeria immigration service as the former immigration Boss is trying to impose his ‘Boy’ the former PSO as the new immigration chief (CG) to cover his evil activities against more qualified and competent officers that will move the immigration service forward.
According to insider- source, there are some contracts and other sheddy deals carried out by Former immigration Boss without due process.
Which is one of the major reason Why he (Babandede) is trying to cover up by imposing his ‘boy’ and mounting pressure on the authorities concerned in the selection of new service chief in Nigeria immigration.
Any reasonable thinking Nigeria will ask,why is his interest on the selection for the new service chief for Nigeria immigration this high and pronounced?
Why is he positioning his former PSO?
What is he trying to cover up?
What is his interest in Nigeria immigration service even after retirement?
Recall that is over six months that Idris Jere was appointed acting CG of immigration, September 13th 2021 following the delayed retirement of Muhammad Babandede,but the delay
in appointing a new substantive head is undermining the capability of the service.
The delay is raising suspicion of process manipulation among the officers.
From a reliable source most of the qualified officers have passed through DSS for clearance as a condition for high public offices.

Unfortunately it’s alleged that they have since been ignored because some persons want to impose a wrong candidate.
And the big question is,when will Nigeria start doing things right.
We await the president to look into this matter and do the needful

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