Why My Marriage Failed -Angela Okorie

Why Angela Okorie’s marriage failed

According to Nollywood actress Angela Okorie, she left her estranged husband Chukwuma Orizu because she “fell out of love.”

The single mother claimed that pressure from her husband’s family members, who were always pleading with her to give up entertainment, was the reason she outgrew her marriage.

In a recent podcast interview, Okorie discussed her thoughts, her coworker Iyabo Ojo served as the host.

“I will not advise anybody to be in a marriage when you are not in love with the man,” the woman declared. That, in my opinion, is the main cause of many women cheating. There are far too many married women who cheat in this Lekki.

“I lost interest in love, personally. My ex-husband was a good man. I loved him. His family’s actions caused me to fall out of love. They were against my acting career. They were against me doing any acting. They said, “You will quit doing entertainment if we are going to marry you.” I will be like, “Even my mother can not stop me,” at that point. That is how I live. You know how long it took me, how many years?

“He [my ex-husband] was rooting for me,” Though the entire story made me feel as though I was in a place where nobody even understood my vision, he does not even cause me stress. They have no idea what I am trying to accomplish. Let us go after it together, please. Your wife desires this. I can not let my dream die. I have spent so many years working toward this to get here. 

You cannot, therefore, wake up and decide to give up on your dreams just because you want to marry me.

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