Wife Att#cks Husband With Hammer And H#t Groundnut Oil While Asleep

In the Okehi community in the Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, Mrs. Hope Nwala from the Obite community uses a hammer and hot groundnut oil to att#ck her husband, Mr. Ekelediri Nwankwo.

“I have instructed my wife’s younger sister to vacate my home due to her recent clothing choices and her habit of using my marital bed even when I am present,” the victim stated. “No young man will put up with such behavior.” However, my spouse has refused to let the younger sister leave the house. 

I noticed that my wife was in the shop I rented for her alone, with a tall black guy who seemed to be following her around. Despite this, I gave her younger sister two thousand naira for her transport fare home so that I could finally understand what was going on in my home. However, my wife became agitated, and as I was going to bed, she smeared me with boiled groundnut oil and began striking me with a stick. 

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