Confession of an SS2 Student Armed Robber

In Adamawa state, an SS2 student has confessed to the crime of armed robbery after he was taken into custody by security forces in the state capital,Yola.
Abubakar Mohammed, the 23 year-old student of Demsawo Government Secondary School Yola admitted to getting into the crime as a means to raise his School fees money. “I became an armed robber to raise money for my school fees” he said.
It was found out that the young suspect had in broad daylight brazenly broken into the home of a woman, Maryam jamilu a resident of Wauru Jabbe in Yola South Local Government of the State with a knife, threatening to maim and kill her.
The Student carried out this dastardly act in Maryam’s living room in daytime on the 11th day of February, 2022. The suspect (Abubakar) allegedly made away with 200,000 Naira Cash, a phone estimated at 68,000 Naira and another phone estimated at 6000 Naira.
Abubakar was apprehended when the victim (Maryam) caught sight of him while she was seeing a visitor off after the robbery took place. He(Abubakar) was arrested after the woman raised an alarm.
The suspect was arraigned in court on a one count charge of of armed robbery at the Yola Magistrate Court I. The crime contravenes section 287 of the state’s penal code law. During the court proceedings, ASP Francis Audu, Prayed the court to remand the suspect at a Prison facility pending when they are able to send his case file to the DPP for legal advice due to the nature and enormity of the crime.
The presiding Judge, Abdullahi Mohammed Digil, assented to the prosecutors request by ordering that the defendant be remanded and he adjourned the case to a later date.

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