Gbas Gbos for bobrisky and James brown ( African cow)

Gbas Gbos for Bobrisky and James Brown ( Africacow)
James Brown has retaliated to bobrisk’s claim that he made him.The crossdresser( James Brown) in his words
“You didn’t make me” –

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has reacted after his colleague, Bobrisky claimed he’s responsible for his success and fame.

In an Instagram live session with OAP Daddy Freeze, Bob bragged about making James into who he is today. Bob claimed that, after James left prison, he invited him to his house, gave him money, and even posted James on his Instagram page, which made him famous.
He said;

“I made James Brown who he is today. I would say it anywhere. I posted James Brown on my page when every one was condemning him, calling him all sort of names. That was when he just came out. I was the person that asked him to come to my house, I gave him money. It is fine if he is who he is today. It is normal.”

Reacting to this news,his colleague, James Brown disagreed with Bobrisky, and stressed that Bob didn’t make him.

He agreed that although he has a lot of respect for Bob, he wouldn’t agree that Bob contributed to his success and popularity in any way.

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