I Come From A Big Family: Davido

I Come From A Big Family  — Davido 

 Nigerian artiste David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, who appeared on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” made it open about his father using his influence to cancel his shows. 

His narrated that the reason behind his father’s action was because of his rise in the Nigerian music industry.

During the interview which was published on Saturday, Davido said, “I come from a big family that is big on education. I am the first-generation entertainer in my whole life of bloodline.

He further narrated “He was adamant about me finishing school. One, because I didn’t make it. Two, because you know what I’m saying? He didn’t mind me doing music, but he was bent on me, you know, finishing school.

He continued to state “He owns a University, So you can imagine, and my mom was a college professor. I think they were also scared because whatever you want your kids to do, you want them to succeed. In our business, it’s not that easy to be successful.

“It come to a point where we made a deal that I’ll be in for two weeks out of the month, and the other two weeks, I can be in the studio and do my music. 

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