Men Don’t Like Successful Women -Ini Edo

Men dislike women who are too successful, as Ini Edo explains.

Actress Ini Edo of Nollywood claims that men prefer women who can perform the basic tasks that are expected of them rather than those who are super successful.

She continued by saying that some men find women’s strength intimidating and that they are more attracted to submissive, controllable women.

She revealed this when she appeared with media star Toke Makinwa on the most recent episode of TokeMoments.

“Some men feel threatened by the strength of women,” she said. Due to the possibility of appearing overly engaged. You are a woman, first and foremost, and you are present everywhere. You are also gorgeous.

Generally speaking, men prefer it when women are not overly successful because it allows them to pull you around, claim the role of the woman, take care of the house, cook, and perform other household chores that are expected of women.

It is almost as though you are competing with their ego when you become overly strong. However, the truth is that I enjoy being the queen, as I always say. It is not my intention as a woman to ride over or subjugate any man.

“I do not think I would like to be in charge of a man, no matter how successful I become. What then makes it so beautiful? It is really lovely to stroll alongside my partner while he gives me directions and watches out for me.

Ini Edo added that she is a woman from a traditional background and feels that men are meant to be the head of the household and to look out for and take care of women and their families in general.

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