Nollywood actor, Saint Obi and wife, Lynda Amobi in messy divorce process

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Nollywood Actor Saint Obi And Wife, Lynda Amobi In Messy Divorce Process

By Naomi Luke
-February 23, 20220

Screen boss Saint Obi , is allegedly facing a messy divorce process with his wify, Amobi Lynda.
From Court documents shared online by E-Nigeria, screen boss Saint Obi was the one who initiated the divorce procedure, while his wife, Amobi Lynda appears to be frustrating the process.
Moreover Sources alleged that Lynda Amobi has repeatedly failed to appear in court when the case was called up, causing the Judge, Justice Omotayo O. Majekodunmi, to slam a bench warrant for her arrest.

Ms. Amobi previously an MTN Nigeria executive, and actor Saint Obi (Obinna Nwafor) married in a mouth watering ceremony in December 2006 in the former’s homeland of Anambra, and the couple was blessed with three children: two boys and a girl.

The divorce was filed on the ground of an attempt on the actor’s life, which was reportedly masterminded by his wife and her brothers, Michael Amobi and Chukwumobi Amobi, in a suit filed at the High Court of Ogun State with suit number HCT/128/2019 filed by Petitioner, Mr. Saint Obi.

Report had it that Ms. Amobi has allegedly “caged” the children by hiring Mobile Police officers to protect them without the father’s permission and therefore preventing Mr Obi access to his children.

Meanwhile, Mr Obi is no stranger to divorce controversies, as the actor’s first marriage to the daughter of a Lagos pastor ended in divorce years ago.

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