Okon Lagos Slams Men who brag after [email protected]

Sensational Nollywood actor and Comedian, Okon Lagos has taken to the social media space to give his opinion on the issue of men who boast after having [email protected] relations with a woman. He opined that a man who is able to get a woman laid should be respectful as those who brag are only fooling themselves.
The thespian, whose real name is Ime Bishop asserted that it is a woman that is in her rights to brag about her [email protected] exploits of a man as they have their pick of the field when it comes to who they ‘want’ and the principal choice of the circumstances surrounding the encounter; as opposed to men, who only sleep with women they ‘can’.

He wrote in the post on his Instagram account,
“As a man, don’t sleep with a woman and brag that you ‘used’ her o. it’s a woman who should brag about using a man!
Men only sleep with a woman they can BUT women sleep with men they want.. when they want, where they want and how they want.
If you get a woman laid, be respectful. Don’t brag except u just want to fool yourself. U did nothing to her instead she did everything to u!”

Okon Lagos, as he is popularly called is known both in movies he features in and in reality to freely express his views on things that pertain to male and female [email protected]

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