Police Arrest Husband, As Mother Of “Mummy Be Calming Down” Boy Commits Su#cide.

Police arrest husband, as mother of ‘mummy be calming down’ boy commits su!c!de

The husband of Mrs. Toluige Olokoobi, the mother of the boy known as “mummy calm down,” was detained, according to the Edo State Police Command, days after it was revealed that she had killed herself.

The woman in the well-known Mummy Calm down video has just committed suicide here in Benin, according to the X user, who claimed to have witnessed the incident on Monday afternoon and tweeted, “

She would not talk to anyone about her issues. She left her husband with three children, one of whom was the well-known Mummy Calm Down boy.

She committed suicide in front of her one-year-old son, according to a local resident who also confirmed her death.

The deceased, she continued, was a medicine distributor, and her husband was a car dealer and a cab driver.

The deceased’s husband has been taken into custody to be questioned, according to BBC Pidgin on Thursday, citing the spokesperson for the Edo State Police Command, Chidi Nwabuzor.

“His wife was hanging with a rope around her neck when he got home from the market.

According to Nwabuzor, “he informed the neighbors, who accompanied him to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.”

Her remains were placed at the mortuary, the police spokeswoman continued.

“After this, he will be moved to the State CID for additional investigation. He is still with the police,” the spokesperson said.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, became interested in Olokoobi and her son Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola in 2020 after the boy’s video of him pleading with his mother to “calm down” went viral.

The governor praised the boy’s bravery and poise during their meeting with him and his family.

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